Quantico Mountain Bike Club


The Quantico Mountain Bike Club is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization that exists to promote the sport of mountain biking aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA, the surrounding areas, and provide opportunities for group recreational rides. The club also works closely with Quantico's Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Branch to maintain and improve the 70+ miles of trail systems located on Marine Corps Base Quantico. Our organization is open to active duty, retired and former service members, their dependents, and civilians from the surrounding area.

"This organization is a non-federal entity. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status."

The Quantico Trail system is not open to the general public. Trails are only accessible to the public during planned special events!


The Quantico Mountain Bike Club is open to active duty personnel and their dependents, retired military personnel and their dependents, other DoD civilians and their dependents, and is limited to no more than 30% non-DoD related civilians.

Note: Non DoD civilian applicants are required to submit to a background check, and are subject to a potential waiting period based on available space when making application to the club.

To obtain an application to the club, please contact us at  info@qmtb.org.

Membership Fee: There is a recurring yearly membership fee of $20.00. 

Currently QMTB members enjoy numerous industry discounts on popular products.  

Quantico Epic

Saturday April 18, 2020

Look out, the Quantico Epic is entering it’s fourth year!  For 2020, Montezuma is cooking up some great course changes for the mainside trails, plus the potential to sample some of the raw singletrack on the new West Side trail system.  Of course, riding the West Side means you better be ready to spin at least 50 miles.  For those really enthusiastic riders, Montezuma may even have a Mega-Epic approaching 70 plus miles encompassing everything currently available to ride.  What a great opportunity!  The mountain biking trails of Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico are only open to the general public once a year, so spread the word and join Montuzuma for a little Mayhem in 2020.



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